Day 97

One that hasn’t been torn down

I decided to walk down to the river bank to take a shot of the bridge. I know there is a boat dock there. Imagine my surprise to learn that the bridge is part of the Wabash Heritage Trail. I’m not much of and outdoorsy kind of person, but I should have known about this sooner. I’ve been driving past this place, the Davis Ferry bridge, for years, but never stopped before today. A quick check on the Internet took me to a map of the trail. It shows that there is a picnic area nearby. I know I;’ll be going back to have my lunch there some day soon. I went up on the bridge today, but didn’t cross it because I’m wearing my rocker sole shoes. I was pretty much worn out just climbing up to the bridge, and coming down was a real treat due to the unsteady gait I have when wearing the shoes.


Today is one of those days when something from out of nowhere popped into my mind. “Catting the drag.” Sound familiar? It probably doesn’t to you. I’ve used the phrase around here and nobody knows what I’m talking about. Well, here’s the story. When I was growing up in Rolling Prairie kids used to go to La Porte for their fun. There wasn’t anything teen related in Rolling Prairie other than the occasional sock hop. One thing we liked to do was to drive up and down the main street to be seen and to see others. Sounds boring, right. It was better than staying in Rolling Prairie. Anyway, what we were doing was called “catting the drag.”

Where did this phrase come from? I don’t know. I only found 1 mention of it when I Googled, and that was on a website with someone’s memories of growing up in Michigan City, and that person just used the phrase without explaining it. MC is also in La Porte County. I have two theories. 1) In an online encyclopedia, catting is defined as searching for an available sexual partner, and we have all heard a main street called the main drag. Put the two together and you are out cruising. Or 2) “catting the drag” is a word reversal that has something to do with dragging a cat behind your car. I know which explanation I prefer.