Day 96

Implement of destruction

After talking and writing about it most of the week, I got around to cutting the grass. No, no applause please. A somewhat muffled huzzah or two would be appreciated. If it had rained…well there are other projects I could have tackled. Maybe I will tomorrow, even though it is the weekend. Dr. Moon tried out the idea on me that weekends are just like other days of the week when you are retired. He is wrong, and I told him so. Weekends are when I normally see a little more of Cindy during the day.


I took a break from writing so as to fulfill Cindy’s wish and book our flight to Las Vegas. We’ll be going in August so we can enjoy the dry heat. It will probably be around 200° in the shade, if there is any shade. There won’t be. The casinos are air-conditioned, but since I don’t gamble that is small solace. I’ll be packing my Kindle, lots of books and my MP3 player will be filled with music. The only thing I won’t have is my desktop PC. I’m pretty sure I can get by without it for a week. In a pinch I can use one at the resort, but I don’t plan on using it longer than it takes to enter my daily post here, with or without photos. If I don’t post a picture each day, I’ll at least take one each day to add as an update when we return.

If it weren’t for the crowds I would probably enjoy Las Vegas more than I do. The heat doesn’t bother me as I stroll the strip, but the crowds of people do. Maybe it won’t be so bad since we are going in the hottest time of the year. A guy can hope.

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