Day 95

I took this on my way home.

I feel like I’ve wasted most of the day. My appointment for a follow-up check with Dr. Risk wasn’t until 1 p.m. today, so I just did a few little things this morning, and then went to his office. I wasn’t there very long, because it was only a quick check. I probably spent more time in the chair chatting with him about Macey and the relative merits of Purdue and IU. I would not have discussed the latter with him if he was going to be doing any work on my mouth.

When I got home I ate a light lunch in front of the television, and promptly dozed off. It was more than a doze; I woke up about an hour later and found that a) the show I was watching was over, and b) there was a pool of drool¬†soaking into¬†my t-shirt. Maybe I didn’t get as much sleep the night before as I thought I had. Now I’m trying to decide wether to cut grass yet today, or do it tomorrow after I see Dr. Moon. I am spending too much time in doctors’ offices!

The decision was to postpone cutting the grass for another day. I have done that successfully for th past two days. Lest you think I have done nothing, you are wrong. I have done my laundry, or at least most of it. One of the carry overs from my years being single is that I like doing my own laundry. I prefer the way I fold things as opposed to the way Cindy does them. She had done my laundry a few times, and I find myself refolding things. She had gotten better at it, but for most of our twenty plus years together, I haven’t been able to break my habit of doing it myself.

The one thing that has changed is that I no longer get up early on Sunday morning to my laundry. That was a habit I developed when I lived in Auburn. I used a laundromat that was across the street from my apartment, and I would get up around 6 a.m. on Sunday morning so I could be the first one in when they opened. It worked out well in that I could do the laundry and read the paper before CBS Sunday Morning came on. It was good.