Day 94

Where I spent part of my day

I thought of using the caption House of Pain but most of the time Dr. Risk’s work is relatively painless. Today…well part of it was uncomfortable, and I think that is the reason I wasn’t in the best frame of mind when I left to come home. That may also be the reason I didn’t do as good a job framing the house in the photo. I should have taken the photo before I went in, not after the procedure.

Usually when he is working on me, especially when he is doing an extraction, he gives me a few shots of anesthetic. Those shots are like a slight pinch, no problem, and he waits for the anesthetic to completely deaden that quadrant of my face. Today he did something different. He gave the injections immediately surrounding the tooth. That was painful; it was more than a pinch or two. Then he did the extraction, and I will admit I didn’t feel any pain. Normally I will be in the chair at least forty-five minutes. Today it was more like twenty minutes, and part of that was spent waiting for him. The other bad part was that by the time I got home the numbing was already wearing off, and I had to take ibuprofen before I did anything else. While I waited for the pills to kick in I decided to double up and also numb the area with ice cream. That did the trick.

I’m looking forward to eating solid food tonight. I haven’t done that since breakfast yesterday. The soup I’ve had has been good, but I also need to exercise my jaw by chewing. That type of exercise is an important part of my fitness routine.

Cindy is playing BINGO tonight. I hope she wins big; she always feels better when she wins.