Day 91

The morning after the recital

I took this shot this morning before I left to pick up doughnuts. I started buying doughnuts for the grandkids when they stay over back when Macey was little. I think they taught each other that I do it, so now it is expected…no matter what their age. So I buy them, even though I no longer eat them. Macey will eat just about anything with sprinkles on it; Mason will eat any kind, but prefers chocolate filled; and Maely wants chocolate frosted with sprinkles. I don’t buy any for Marlon even though he is from the cocker spaniel branch of the Gaskin family.

Cindy and I were finally able to watch Young At Heart which is a documentary film about a senior citizen chorus that performs rock ‘n roll songs. Mary Kirts loaned it to us a couple of weeks ago, but today was the first time we were able to sit and watch it together. It was enjoyable despite the fact that two of the chorus members died during the filming and a third dies after the filming. Poignant is the term that comes to mind. The problem I have watching this type of film is that it brings my mortality to mind. That can be a good thing, but on a gloomy Sunday afternoon it isn’t so hot. When another member of the chorus started reciting the eulogy he had written for himself, I knew my thoughts would fixate for a while on preparing for my ending. I usually spend some thought time on that after a funeral or memorial service. I want to plan my own rather than have someone else impose their ideas on it.

Let me tell you (Cindy and Trina) I will have my own way in this one thing. I don’t want a funeral, but if it will make you happy you can have a memorial service, without the body, at our home.  There will be no burial; either cremate me or give my decrepit body to a medical college. If I don’t give it to you before hand, you will find after my demise, a cd of music I want played. Oh, and I may write a few lines for someone to read. If you know I don’t like someone, don’t let them speak.

I think those are simple instructions. Let it be so.

One last thing, Republicans may attend.