Day 90

Another beautiful house in Lafayette

I treat myself on Saturday mornings. Cindy would probably tell you that I treat myself every morning, afternoon, evening, and late night. Perhaps. That is one of the benefits of being retired.

Anyway, every Saturday morning I treat myself to watching an episode of The West Wing, which was the best written television show I have ever watched. Week in and week out there was a television show worth watching. The fact that the political statements they made went along with my way of thinking did not detract from the show, but I truly believe I would have watched for the quality of the writing even if I abhorred the content. It was just that good. The combination of serious subject matter and humor is just wonderful. So, I am now watching DVDs of the show, one episode each Saturday morning, in order. Cindy doesn’t interrupt me because she is always still asleep while I watch. I saw the 14th episode from season 1 this morning.

Before I started episodes of The West Wing on Saturdays, I watched an episode of Kung Fu each week. Again, it was one episode each week, in order. I was a fan of the show while it was on, and I saw many of the shows again in reruns years later. But, while I was watching the DVDs I realized that somehow I missed most of the second season. There must have been something on another network opposite Kung Fu that caught my attention. Oh, well. I’m caught up now. It did seem strange watching episodes that had people like Jodie Foster, Dean Jagger, Harrison Ford, and Leslie Nielsen as guest stars.

I won’t be watching as many movies tonight as I normally do. Maely will be performing in a dance recital that we will be attending. It was fun last year, and will be again this year. I thought it was strange last year that the teachers took part in the recital as well as the students. I have never seen that happen before. I guess they like the celebrity aspect of performance as much as the credit for being good teachers.

Maybe I can squeeze a movie or two in this morning and afternoon.

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