Day 88

Our first Iris this spring

Based on the number of buds we have on all of the Iris’, there will be a large number of blooms this year. The purple seems deeper this year as well. I love the plants not just because the flower is beautiful, but also because there is so little work involved with growing it. Anything that is easy to grow is my kind of plant. I should learn to make dandelion wine so that I have an excuse to not weed them out. As is I need an excuse.

This morning on Morning Joe Professor Michael Sandel from Harvard was hawking his most recent book What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets. I must say, they had an interesting conversation. I may be purchasing the book, because the topic interests me. While money is not high on my most wanted list, I do like to have enough on hand to pay our bills and cover emergencies. More than that amount is a luxury I don’t need.

People who have acquired wealth seem to be admired by others. Why is that? I honestly don’t know. The media seem to think that we need to pay attention to wealthy people. Why? Unless they give large amounts of their wealth to charity, or to make sure people have jobs, why should I care? If they are a “celebrity” it is even worse. Why else would we even know about Paris Hilton or others like her? Has she, or anyone like her, ever done anything that rates a mention on national television or radio? I can’t think of anything. Dare I ask if she is a job creator?

Well, it is obvious that I am not writing a carefully thought out posting today. It is more of a disjointed diatribe. Sorry.

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