Day 87

Another beautiful house

This town is full of beautiful houses. Ours isn’t bad, in fact I love the interior, but it is lacking in curbside appeal. Maybe some day.

I haven’t made up my mind what to write about today. I thought of putting down my interaction with Flo, my mother-in-law, from yesterday, but…no. When I told Cindy about it, she didn’t see the humor, and without the humor it is just sad. The blog needs something more positive today, something either humorous or uplifting or both. What to write…what to write.

Let me go back to yesterday’s topic. I’ll write a bit more about the time I taught at the New Prairie Junior HIgh. As I said, I was teaching 8th grade English. English encompassed literature, writing, spelling, and speech. One of my students, Mark, was the son of a social studies teacher in that school. Mark’s grades in English were a solid D when I took over the class. The first thing I noticed was that his spelling skills were poor. He had a low self-esteem in the classroom. He once told me he wasn’t expected to do well in the class. I don’t know who told him that, but he was doing his best to live up to that opinion. We read The Pearl by Steinbeck in class. I assigned an essay on the story to find out¬†if anyone¬†understood more than the plot. Most did not, but Mark got it. He saw the greater themes and was able to write about it, though his spelling was atrocious. I gave him a B+ on the writing assignment. I think that was the best grade he had ever received in English. Later, on a test, he showed that he had a firm grasp on literature. I graded him accordingly. His father was so proud of him that he thanked me for giving his son a chance to excel.