Day 86

Another beautiful old home

Is this house Victorian? I think it is, but any architectural knowledge I have, was come by second-hand. Is that last sentence grammatical? I should know, but I couldn’t say with any more than 85% certitude. It has been a long time since I taught grammar. It’s getting close to four decades ago. That happened after I was released from the army and before I went to work for the state. It was a brief but memorable time.

When I was released by the military in 1971, I decided that I would go back to college and finish my degree in education. I got out a week after classes started for the fall semester at IU, so I found a job while I waited for the next semester. I first tried to draw unemployment, but the veteran’s rep. at the La Porte Local Office told me that I was not qualified to draw. He was wrong, but I found a job before any benefits would have started. I applied for a material handler job at Easy Heat Wirekraft in Rolling Prairie, just up the road from where I lived.

I was called in for an interview with the plant manager. He looked at my application, saw that I was close to finishing my degree, and that I had been in the military. He offered me a job as the cost accountant at the plant. I said, “No. I have no accounting background, and I want to be a teacher.” He told me that the company, would send me to classes for the job and would pay for everything. I said, No. I want to be a teacher.” So he hired me as a material handler working for the minimum wage. And for that, I had to join the Teamsters.

A few days later I was talking to my friend Warby on the telephone and I told him that experience. Warby worked for Osco Drugs, going around the country opening new stores. He made a handsome salary and the company paid all his travel expenses. Warby offered to get me on doing the same work. I said, “No. I am going to be teacher.”

To make a long story short, I finished work on my BS in Ed.; got my teaching license in Indiana; and could not find a job. So, that being the case, as well as the fact that at that time in Indiana you had to get a Master’s within five years to continue teaching, and the my veteran’s benefits would pay for a large part of it, I got my MS in Ed. While I was working on my MS, an English teacher at New Prairie Junior High had to take time off work for surgery. I was hired on a temporary contract to teach 8th grade English. I taught there for six or seven weeks and decided I did not want to be a teacher.