Day 84

I really like old brick farmhouses

Today’s writing is just going to be bits and pieces. There is no overall theme.

I started reading the Indianapolis Star on Sundays two weeks ago. There is no way I am going to spend $2 for the Lafayette paper when it only takes a half hour to go through the whole thing. I don’t read the ads, just the news, and not all of it. Anyway, I was reading a column on political events in Indiana that wasn’t attributed ti anyone. In it there was the phrase “a boatload of information.” I can only recall one person using the phrase “a boatload of” in my entire life, and it has been close to thirty years since I last heard it. I worked with a young lady name Sandy Shepler when I was in Auburn, and she used that phrase quite often. I know her father worked for a newspaper, I think in Muncie. Perhaps the phrase is common among newspaper people and I just had never heard it before or since. Anyway, it jumped out at me.


 I’ve noticed from her Facebook postings that a friend of mine, Kathryn Golden, has attended some White Sox games this year; and that started me thinking about the last major league game I attended. That was long before Kathryn was born. The last time I went to a game was in the late 60’s. Terry Nickerson and I went to a Cubs game one summer weekday when I was still in college. I can’t pin the time down any more than that.

We took the South Shore RR from South Bend to Chicago. I remember there was a man sitting opposite from us who was smoking and sleeping. He had a straight line of cigarette ashes don the front of his jacket from lighting up, leaving the cigarette in his mouth and then falling asleep. Anyway, one we got to Chicago we found our way by CTA to Wrigley Field.

We walked up to ticket booth and simply told the ticket seller that we wanted good seats. We got them. We ended up in box seats behind the visiting team dugout. That day it was the Houston Astros. I don’t remember much about the game other than that the Astros won. I do remember seeing a TV camera pointed our way during the 7th inning stretch and wondering if anyone we knew would see us. Evidently everyone we knew was working because we never heard about it. The other thing I remember is that there were four men sitting behind us who were smoking big green cigars. I had never seen a green cigar before, nor have I seen them again. Hmm. This bit of the blog seems to keep coming back to smokers.


I was going to write about how rested I feel after getting 8 hours of sleep, but I’m not clever enough to write about sleeping and make it seem interesting. Maybe is I had a dream…but I didn’t.