Day 81

Dead wood

I don’t have anything that seems worth writing about today, so I’ll delve back into my memories from before I moved to Lafayette. That also means from before I got married. At the risk of offending Cindy, I’ll write a little more about when Judy and I were dating. I know Cindy didn’t like Judy the only time she saw/met her. More about that at some other time.

One weekend Judy and I drove up to Angola, which was about twenty miles north of Auburn. It was a beautiful autumn day, sunny and cool, with the trees in full color. It was sweater weather at it’s finest. We found a place where we ate lunch, and then started shopping.

Judy wanted to look for antiques, and I wanted to spend time with her. She wasn’t looking for anything big, her apartment couldn’t hold much more than it already had, but she did look for smaller, older knickknacks. We found an antique shop on the north side of town, in a building that looked more like a shack than a shop, and it was full of shabby furniture and shelves of bric-a-brac. Judy bought a few spoons, I think, and I found a book that I thought was interesting. The book had reports from federal departments from the early 1900’s. I hope I still have the book somewhere, but I’m not sure where it would be. Maybe in the basement, in the footlocker, under the table. Maybe.

Also on that trip to Angola we stopped in at a hardware store on the circle. The store was more like a general store, though it didn’t have a wide variety of foodstuffs. Judy bought some stoneware crockery, and I bought potting soil for African violets. I will admit that the crockery went well with the decor in her apartment. She had a good eye that way. We drove back to Auburn that evening, and Judy cooked dinner. It was a good day.

Well, I hope Cindy isn’t too upset. She just needs to remember who I married. Judy was never asked.