Day 80

Another beautiful home

There are many beautiful homes in Lafayette and the surrounding area. I could spend a day or more just driving around looking at them. Too bad that gas prices makes it impractical to do so. So what I normally do is take a side street or two when I’m running errands. But every once in a while I’ll drive a few miles out of my way looking for an interesting picture. I spotted this house yesterday on my way back from the library. Since I had to drive near it today on my way to the dentist I stopped and took this shot. Tomorrow? Well, I don’t know yet.

I had planned to write about Tom Russell today because I was listening to him on my drive this morning. However, while I was waiting at the dentist’s office, I read the local paper. There was a column, actually a page, about the first record you purchased with your own money. I must admit that I felt pretty old reading it because most of the people who were cited bought their first long after I had started buying.

The first record album I bought on my own was Bobby Darin’s Darin At The Copa. It was on the ATCO label, and of course it was vinyl. I bought it because it had many of his songs that I liked, such as Mack The Knife and Dream Lover. After playing it a few times, a couple of things were evident: 1) I really liked his work on non-pop songs such as Love For Sale, You’d Be So Nice To Home To, and the medley By Myself/When Your Lover Has Gone: and 2) my dad really disliked the album. I’m not sure if his dislike was for the music or for the fact that it was a live album. Perhaps it was both. I’m sorry he disliked it, but I enjoyed it so much that I now have a cd version of the album.

I know some people don’t like live albums, but I do enjoy the reaction of the audience on live album. But maybe I like live albums because the first album I bought was recorded live. I’ll never know.