Day 78

A view while waiting

The room looks so dark because I had the camera on AUTO and there was enough light outside that there was no flash. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing much.

I was sitting at the computer, trying to figure out why I couldn’t make an Internet connection for a second day. I tried resetting the cable modem more than once; I checked all of the connections more than once; I cursed more than once (under my breath) and still no there was no joy. Finally I gave in and called the cable company. The tech that I talked was good. He actually listened to my recital of the things I had tried, though I omitted mentioning my cursing. He didn’t ask me to retry anything, which is almost unheard of, he tried a few things at his end, and then told me to take the cable modem to the local office and swap it out for a different one. I liked this tech.

When I got to the cable office I was surprised that there was no line of people waiting to see a customer rep. I walked in and was immediately called to a window. The woman listened to what I had to say, said the tech had given good advice, and gave me a refurbished modem in exchange for the one I brought in. No fuss, no bother. Wow.

When I got home I hooked up the modem and nothing happened. I still couldn’t make the Internet connection. So I called the company again. This time I talked to a woman tech. She tried a few things at her end that didn’t work and then asked me to reboot the PC. So I did. Have you ever been talking to a tech on the phone, they ask you to reboot something, and seems to take an hour and a half to do it, even though it is just a short amount of time? That was this afternoon. Changing the modem and rebooting the PC worked. I’m back  on line now, and as you can see, the blog is now up to date.