Day 77 Updated

I can’t make an Internet connection from my PC today, and rather than try to do 300 or more words, one letter at a time, on my cell phone, I’m writing my post in Word, and will publish when I can. Hope you’re having a great day.




As you can see, there wasn’t much to choose from on Saturday. We wanted to take Mason and his cousin Jordan to a movie, and I won’t take them to R rated movies. Mason wanted to see Wrath of The Titans in 3D, so that’s what we saw.

This is the first 3D movie I’ve been to since the days of the red and blue lensed glasses. I must admit that the technology is much improved. Also, I didn’t feel that the effects were over the top. There were a few places where Cindy jerked as if to duck, and she was saying things like, “Ooo, ooo, ooo.” But she verbalizes quite a bit when watching TV or a movie. Sometimes it is embarrassing, but Saturday there weren’t all that many people in the theater.

As to the movie…perhaps if I had seenClash of The TitansI would have enjoyed this one more. The plot seemed pretty thin, and I could have used more background information. I understand that the movie was aimed at a younger audience, and that’s alright; I was younger once.

When we got home some of Cindy’s friends came over to play Oh Hell, the boys played on the Wii in the guest bedroom, and settled in to watch some movies on DVD. I chose From Russia With Love, my favorite James Bond movie, Harry Potter and The Order Of the Phoenix, and a Midsomer Murder, Birds Of Prey. WatchingFrom Russia With Love is like spending time with an old friend. I saw it in the theater when it was first released and have watched it many times on television, on VHS tape, and now on DVD. If I ever get tired of seeing this movie it will be time to lock me away.

I chose Harry Potter because I am watching then entire series in order, one movie per Saturday. I only have three more to go, and I haven’t seen the final movie yet. That should be fun.

Speaking of fun, the Midsomer Murders are great fun. If you haven’t seen any of them, check with your public library. We are lucky enough in Tippecanoe County that the library has all but one of the movies available.