Day 76

A quiet place

I must be feeling grumpy this morning. I’m in one of my moods where it bothers me that I feel like I have to be quiet on weekend mornings. I don’t know why I feel this way, it was the way I lived a large part of my early married life. I married into a family of late sleepers, while coming from a family of early risers. It hasn’t been bad since the kids moved out and we moved into a two-story house. Now, if Cindy wants to sleep in, and I don’t begrudge her that, I can simply go to another floor and do what I want. It becomes more problematic when any of the grandkids spend the weekend…or if someone has moved in with us. Oh, well. I’ll get out of this mood before long. I’ll creep downstairs and get something to eat. That should help.

Has anyone spotted the irony of having a photo of a graveyard and me complaining about having to be quiet. It wasn’t lost on me.

It was a Pete Seeger morning when I went out for doughnuts. I listened to another album converted from vinyl to MP3. I bought the album when I was in the army and stationed in Heidelberg. I don’t know if the album was released in the U.S. I have never seen it here, but perhaps was released under a different name, or perhaps I should do a further investigation. Nevertheless, I enjoy the music. There are fine versions of The Bells Of Rhymney, Pretty Polly, and a memory drill called One Big Fat Hen. Very enjoyable.

While I sit here at the keyboard I’m listening to Travis Edmonson’s Live @ UC Santa Barbara 5/9/66. It was recorded after the breakup of Bud & Travis. While I like this album and Bud Dashiell’s other work, in my opinion they were better performers when they were together. The blending of their voices and guitar work made them favorites of mine. On this album, Travis does a fine version of Malaguena Salerosa but it is not quite as good as the Bud & Travis version. But that is just my opinion.