Day 75

2301 Concord Road, Lafayette

This is a place I have never missed since I stopped working for the state. It was the Lafayette Local Office of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. The building is empty now. It’s as empty as my feelings for that agency. I worked with some fine people over the years, as well as some not so fine. I had many rewarding times, good times, and some I would love to forget, but I won’t.

Let me tell you about some of the better people I worked with. At one point I worked as a JSMS (Job Service Matching System) Specialists within the agency. There were six of us, as I recall, but now I’m not sure I could name all of us. Let’s see, there was Sharon, Herdis, Bob, Ron, Don and me. Well, maybe the memory wasn’t as shot as I feared. Each of us were selected by our District Director (DD) to learn the new computerized matching system, train local staff, act as support to management and staff, liaison with tech support in Indianapolis, and just about anything else the DD wanted. My director was Brad Altevogt, and he was one of the better supervisors I have ever had.

The District Directors were supposed to assign the best person they could to the job. Considering each of the DDs had their own agenda, for the most part they did a good job choosing. I would say that only one of the JSMS Specialists was not really up to the task, but I’ll keep the name to myself since it is just my opinion. I remember that I applied for the position on a whim. I interviewed with Brad late one Friday morning and he told me that the chance that he would choose me was slim because he didn’t want to short the staff in the Auburn office. He called me two hours later and offered me the job. I jumped at it.

I can’t remember the name of the DD that appointed Sharon, all I remember is that she ran a real estate office on the side. Just about the first thing both Sharon and I did was buy a new car. She bought a Camaro and I bought a Firebird. It was the best auto I have ever owned. Sharon is still a good friend, though I haven’t seen her in person for a number of years. I’m sure I’ll write more about those days as time goes on.