Day 74

Beyond my means #3

Autumn to early winter is a better time to take a photo of this house. You are more likely to see deer in the yard during that time. Still, it is quite a house.

I can’t believe how out of shape I am. I cut the grass in the backyard for the first time this season, and I ached almost the entire time I was doing it. I was surprised that when I got the mower out of the shed, added gas, primed the carburetor, and gave a tentative pull on the started cord that it started first time with no coughing or sputtering. Just my luck! I’ll probably have to cut the grass at least every week unless it rains every day.

This morning I decided to listen Peter, Paul & Mary. I have burned a cd made up from two of the vinyl albums in my collection, Late Again, and Reunion. I think Late Again never got the praise it deserved from the fans because, for many, the folk era was over. Also, with this album the acoustic guitar/upright bass were overshadowed by other instruments, many of them electronic. Maybe it is a testament to the overall strength of the music, but the songs seem to take turns being my favorite. The first few times I listened to the album Moments Of Soft Persuasion  was the standout, then Rich Man, Poor Man, and then Reason To Believe. Eventually I started looking forward to the album as a whole, not just individual songs. Off the top of my head I can only think of one other album with which I have had that experience, Linda Ronstadt’s Heart Like A Wheel. To me, that is the perfect album. But I’ll write about it some time in the future.

The other PP&M album Reunion, is less wonderful. When I first bought the album I was thrilled because the group was back together, and there was some fine music. Alas, there were some songs that weren’t so fine. However, they were back. Cindy and I were lucky enough to see them in concert twice before Mary passed. I would certainly have been willing to see them again, and so would Cindy but the opportunity didn’t arise.