Day 72

Elevator on the south end of Lafayette

I’m a country boy at heart. No, I have never lived on a farm, or worked on a farm, but I lived in and around a¬†farm town until the time I went to college. It was there, and later in the army, that I gained my worldly ways. Yeah, right. I’m still a rube in so many ways. It seems that as I grow older the robes of sophistication aren’t as beautiful when I look into a mirror. Did ya get that?

As you can tell from today’s photo it is sunny and bright today…can it be sunny and not be bright? Anyway, while it may look warm, it is not. There is a cold breeze that cut through my spring jacket. I may wear something warmer when I go to my dental appointment later today.

By the way, after yesterday’s travails writing and losing my text I’m saving after every paragraph today. I do that because the website where I craft this magnificent prose shows that there are errors on the page, and also because I have to go through extra steps to get to the page to start with. I’m not saying the problems yesterday were not my fault, but there had been seventy previous days with no problems. I may copy what I’ve written so far and save it in a Word file in case I lose everything again today.

I am wondering if today’s post, and maybe most of the others, seems to be turning into a journal. To the casual observer it might seem as if this is a journal, but I assure you it is not. To my mind¬†journals are private. This blog is not a place for me to share everything I think, feel, or do. The blog is selective. In a journal, for instance, I would have gone into more details about my relationship with Judy, but for the blog it is bare bones, and not even all of the bones. For the details you need to read my book…the one I haven’t written.