Day 70

Marlon being petted by Cindy's foot

I started Marlon’s stay with a photo, and since today is his last with us for a while I thought I should feature him again. The picture is a grab from a video I took with my cell phone. The video is a short one of Cindy using her foot to pet Marlon. Marlon seems to enjoy it. Marlon seems to enjoy any type of petting. There is a second reason I chose this photo. Let me explain.

I went out to buy a newspaper and had the secondary intention of taking a photo for today’s blog. I had an idea of what I wanted to take, in general, but needed to drive a bit into the country to find just the right view. Finding and taking the photo turned out to be to difficult for the conditions and my state of mind. So, I came back without a photo, and instead, grabbed this still from th video that I had thought about posting on Facebook. I may still post it.

Anyway, as to the conditions I spoke of, I’m not talking about the weather, it is a beautiful spring day. I’m talking more about the driving conditions. I found myself on a county road that is usually devoid of most traffic, but today, Easter, found a lot of people out driving around. My guess is that most of them had skipped sunrise services and had gone to a later service. Now they were on their way home from one of the two or three services they attend each year. I was behind an older couple, driving a late model Buick, who were travelling at a sedate pace, enjoying the day, and that suited me because I wanted time to check out the surroundings for the “right” photo opportunity. I only had to be aware of the driver’s brake lights, that were applied liberally. Then, screaming up behind me came a white-haired woman, driving a Honda. She seemed to be in a hurry because she pretty much got on my bumper and stayed there. I don’t like it when people follow too close. What would happen if the driver in front of me slammed on his brakes to avoid a kitten in the road?

I slowed down, trying to entice the woman behind me into passing me so that she could get on the nerves of the driver in front of me. She didn’t pass, but did stay on my bumper. I tried tapping my brakes, hoping she would back off. She didn’t back off. I thought about switching on the hazard lights to shake her up, but I was driving Cindy’s car and knew it would take me awhile to find the switch for the hazard lights, and that meant taking my eyes off the road for longer than I cared to do. I did look at the dashboard and realized that Cindy had less gas in her gas tank than I had thought. Rather than play driving games with the woman behind me, I sped up and started working my way back home. I only had to make three turns before she went on to her own destination.

So, I arrived home and decided to grab a still from the video. Happy Easter.