Day 68

Where we started the day

Cindy had her torn rotator cuff repaired today. All indications are that things are fine. The doctor said that everything was repaired. She is home now, and her friends are descending on the house, like the vultures returning to Hinkley, Ohio. OK, that wasn’t kind and it wasn’t fair, but it is too good a line to excise.

Our good friend Sara came over this morning, went with us to the center, and plans on spending the night to take care of Cindy. Sara is almost unique among our friends in that she became friends with us independently. By that, I mean that Cindy and I each met Sara and became friends before we met each other. Is that clear? If it isn’t, I could supply a chart with a timeline to explain it better. I first met Sara when I was working for the state and living in Auburn. I was in training in Indianapolis, and spent some time in the IESD¬†Metro Local Office, where Sara was supervising the WIN unit (I know, too many acronyms). I really got to know her when she joined the training unit and I was spending a lot of time with them. Cindy met Sara later, when she was in Indy for some sort of training. Later, I met Cindy when I moved to Lafayette to be on the SIA project. That should make things clearer.

So, back to today. I have already gone to get the pain medication, because we don’t want Cindy to start feeling pain. While there are many reasons why we don’t want her to feel pain, the main reason is because¬†we love her. The fact that Cindy can become, shall we say, impatient is another good reason, but it is a secondary reason. And impatient is the correct word, not b****y as Cindy swears I said originally. Believe me when I say this.

Well, I’m ready to start preparing dinner for as many people as are here when it is ready. I’m doing fried chicken, despite the fact that the nurse said Cindy should avoid greasy food. Cindy has spoken!