Day 67

Preparing the field

I’m glad I left the house this morning, though I sure didn’t want to. I got less than two hours sleep last night, gastrointestinal distress. Around 7 a.m. I was finally able to doze off while watching Morning Joe. They must have been talking about Romney again. I had poured myself a cup of coffee, and had taken a couple sips, and then I woke up and had a cold cup of coffee. Cindy left for work, so I poured another cup of coffee, and when I woke up it was also cold. I decided to make a run to the store to pick up a few things for the dinner I’m cooking tomorrow, so I got a travel mug of coffee ready. Before I left I let Marlon out to inspect the back yard. He came back in, I left, and then I realized I had forgotten my coffee. Oh, well. I got the groceries, took a detour on the way home and took this picture. Now I’m setting here writing and drinking my final, and only fully hot, cup of coffee for the day.

While I was driving around this morning I was playing an Art Pepper cd. The more I listen to his music, the more I enjoy it. When he plays a ballad, I want to stop what I’m doing and listen to his solo. My Funny Valentine was playing on the cd when I pulled in to the garage. I stopped the car, but didn’t get out until the song had ended.

I bought my first Art Pepper vinyl album when we were living on Eastland, so it was roughly twenty years ago. I was experimenting with different jazz artists back then, trying to expand to people and groups other than Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Buddy Rich and such. Art Pepper was a happy find. Since those days I’ve added seven or eight cds by him, and haven’t stopped yet.