Day 66

Trinity United Methodist Church

I’ve had two doctor appointments today. That isn’t a record, but it is something I normally try to avoid. This morning I saw Dr. Moon, the podiatrist. How someone who is constantly handling other people’s feet, often injured and/or diseased, can remain so upbeat amazes me. He is the second podiatrist I have known. The other was practicing in Auburn when I lived there. He lived a couple of houses down the street from me, and I knew him only socially. I knew him first as a neighbor, then as a county councilman, and only found out later that he had a calling to feet. I never looked to see if he wore sensible shoes.

My second appointment today was with Dr. Risk, my dentist. I went in because I was having problems caused by my partial. I left the office having agreed to a plan that will leave me with fewer of my own teeth when the plan is completed. I almost asked him to pull one of them today, but he wasn’t prepared to do that, not in his plan, and I must admit that I wanted to get back to the house to make sure Marlon was OK. I had called him in early from leaving deposits in the back yard. He wants us to have lush grass this year, and it appears to be working. He is a good dog.

While downtown I went to the library to return some items and to pick up the second set of Robin Of Sherwood that I had asked to be held for me. This set stars Jason Connery, Sean’s son, as Robin Hood. Again, the lovely Judi Trott plays Marion. Also in the cast is Ray Winstone, who played a very angry Will Scarlet. He has gone on to play in many movies and TV shows. I know what I’ll be watching in my spare time the next few days.