Day 65

Another graveyard

I almost forgot to write today. I don’t know why, I went out and took this photo this morning, but then started doing other things and lost track of the time and forgot to write. I have nothing current to write about, so I’ll delve into my past, when I was single, and write a few brief incidents that happened with a woman I used to date. Her name was Judy…it probably still is Judy.

Judy was the first woman I seriously dated after I moved to Auburn, back in the 70’s. I met her through a mutual friend. Out friend, Sandy, worked with me in the Auburn Local Office of the Indiana Department of Employment Security. One day Sandy invited me over to her apartment to watch a movie. She said there would probably be other people coming as well. She would supply the snacks if I would bring the beer. It sounded fine, so I came with the beer. The only other person there was Judy. I think it was planned that way.

Judy was around 5′ 2″, had long brown hair (almost to her waist), and had an accent I couldn’t quite place. I found out she was from Pennsylvania. Judy was a military veteran and was in the process of getting divorced. It seems her husband had joined the city police department, found a teenaged girlfriend, and helped the girlfriend get pregnant. Two of those things didn’t sit well with Judy. She was fine with the police force.

I must say, I was quite taken with Judy. I liked her personality, her sense of humor, and her looks. She was a bit forward, but that didn’t bother me. At one point I went into the kitchen to fetch a couple of beers. Judy came into the kitchen to look out the window to check her apartment (I now, lame). As I was bent over pulling the beer from the bottom shelf, Judy backed up and my elbow bumped her butt. She wasn’t upset, and neither was I. We traded phone numbers.

On our first date I took her to Red Lobster in Fort Wayne. The restaurant had just opened and was the first of that chain in the area. Neither of us had ever eaten there before. I tried one of the seafood combos, Judy ordered a steak. That should have told me something, but I was infatuated.

On our second date we went to a movie in Fort Wayne, since Auburn lacked a movie theater. On the way back I took back roads, some of them unfamiliar to me. Well, as it turned out I stopped on a deserted stretch of gravel road and we proceeded to kiss. Quite nice. All of a sudden there was a loud roaring noise and bright lights played on the car. It seems I had chosen to stop at what was the end of a runway of a small private airfield. An airplane took off, barely clearing my car. Exciting times.

Judy and I dated for quite a while, and our paths crossed a few times over the years after we stopped dating. I may write more about her some other time when I don’t have anything to say about current times.