Day 63

IU Arnet Hospital from the ESE.

I ended up on this gravel road because I got turned around. That is not an uncommon state of being for me. When I was single I would go on driving trip vacations by myself and spend at least part of each day getting lost…sometimes on purpose. I remember once in Georgia I drove through the same town three times one afternoon. Each time I approached the town from a different direction on a different road. It was a fun day.


Lat night Cindy and I watched West Side Story on television. It’s one of my favorite musicals. Marlon, who is staying with us now, spent most of the time curled up at Cindy’s feet on the sofa. Marlon pretty much ignores the television; watching it isn’t one of his favorite pastimes. He was in his own little worked until the late part of the movie when Maria and Anita started singing A Boy Like That/I Have A Love, and Marlon perked up. He more than perked up, he sat up and stared at the TV screen during the entire song. When the song ended he returned to his supine position at Cindy’s feet and stopped watching the movie. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the lyrics that captured his attention, and I doubt if there was something about the voices of Rita Moreno and Marni Nixon that fascinated him, because they had sung other songs. I just don’t know, but I thought it was interesting.  

Also, I didn’t realize until today that Jimmy Bryant dubbed Richard Beymer’s voice in the songs. I found out when I checked the spelling of Marni today. I knew that she had dubbed Natalie Woods’ voice and I wanted to get the credit right. The things you learn late in life.

Cindy’s mom, Flo, is back in the hospital. I took no part in that drama, so I won’t be writing about it. I doubt if I could do that story credit.