Day 62

Picture of a can.

I’m starting with a pet peeve today, or rather two pet peeves. The first is that there are still people who think it is alright to throw litter from their vehicle, as seems to be the case with the can (I think it is a beer can) in this photo. My second pet peeve will take more time to explain.

At least three times this week I have volunteered to cook dinner for Cindy. Each time I offered there was a reason for her to say no. That’s OK. Today she left late this morning to have breakfast with friends and then went on to her office to do some work. Around 1:30 she called to ask me if I was cooking dinner. I am not a person who throws together a meal from scratch. I need time to plan what to cook, make sure I have all of the ingredients, and determine what time the meal should be ready because I like to serve it when it is hot and fresh, not dried out from being constantly warmed. So, I’m thawing pork loin cutlets and haven’t determined what else to make, but there will be a dinner cooked even if I don’t know what time to expect Cindy to be home. She is unpredictable when she is working by herself. Even if she calls to say she is leaving the office it can take her a half hour to an hour to get home because she will make at least one or two stops on the way. OK, I have that off my chest. It’s a good thing I waited a couple of hours before I wrote about it.

What else can I complain about? I should probably take care of it now so that it doesn’t fester and erupt with twice the devastation in a few days. Let’s see…nothing? There must be something else to write about. Nope. I guess not.