Day 61

House guest

Marlon has come to visit. His full name is Marlon Brando Gaskin, and he is staying with us for a while. It’s funny, but most of the pictures I take of him are when he is in a supine position. It’s the only time I can get a picture of him, because when he is moving I can seldom track him in the view finder.

If Marlon looks tired, he is. There were thunder storms last night…well, early morning, and Marlon doesn’t sleep during storms. Neither does anyone in the same room with him. In this case it was Cindy. She was sleeping on the family room couch last night, and Marlon was on the floor beside her. Until, by her account, an hour or two before the storm hit. Evidently he felt a shift in the atmospheric pressure, or something, and decided that he needed comforting. At that point, Cindy’s restful sleep was over for a number of hours. 

I had been awake until around two in the morning, wide awake but I don’t know why, and had finally settled in for a good night’s sleep. But, Cindy decided around three-fifteen that she needed to share Marlon’s attention, so she brought him to the bedroom and woke me up so she complain about Marlon not letting her sleep. Thank you Cindy.

  I was able to get back to sleep around four or four-fifteen, and Cindy tells me she  and Marlon settled down around 5:30. I had planned to get up at 7:30 to make sure Cindy was up by 8. I overslept, however, and went to wake her up at 8:30. She and Marlon were both lethargic when they opened their eyes.

Cindy is at work, but Marlon is still moping around the house, dozing off quite often. The only time, so far, he seemed to be fully awake was when he watched me eat my lunch. I’ve been saying no to dogs begging for table scraps since my sister had her dog, Tiki. He’s been gone for 40+ years, and I haven’t given in yet. I’m hard-nosed that way.

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