Day 59

A house with character

This is a house with character, but, judging by the upper right window, lacks central air. Character trumps central air anyday…as long as there are ceiling fans. What do I mean when I say a house has character? That is a good question. I haven’t really given any thought to that question, so I guess it is time to start on that journey. 

To start with, I am going to say that each house must be judged as a separate entity. At this point I’m not ready to go with a cookie cutter approach. I had to spend too much of my time as a bureaucrat dealing with programs and people in that manner. That was especially true when I moved into management and administration. People wanted everything in black and white while the world was gray at worst, and filled with color at best. I had to spend a lot of my time developing check lists with yes/no options for staff to use when deciding if a person or company was eligible for government programs. I understand that these tools we developed helped speed then process, but what did we lose?

Oh dear, I seem to have strayed from my topic. Buildings with character. Why do I say the house in this picture has character? Well, I am not a student of architecture, but I would say that it appears to have been built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s, and has been well maintained. The contrasting painted shutters, while they may be fake, add a nice touch. My guess is that originally there were real wooden shutters on the windows. The white paint makes the house appear newer than the natural brick color. I like natural brick color, but a well maintained painted brick is also nice. Is the portico original? I don’t know, but somehow I doubt it. The grounds are well maintained, but I could easily imagine older, larger trees.

Has anything I’ve written explained why I feel the house has character? Probably not, so here is one attribute that I will posit: A building with character changes. It draws the eye not just from its original design, but because the owners are willing to make changes over time. Change is good. This is a topic I will likely return to over time.