Day 58

A place of memories

Let me start by saying I have never been inside this establishment. Yet, I have memories connected to the tavern. The memories surround my family, mainly my dad. 

When I was young, we used to go to Clinton, Indiana a number of times through the year to visit my Grandmother Delph, Mom’s mother. The trip to and from Clinton often took us through Lafayette. While it didn’t happen every time, my dad would occasionally stop at the Ben Hur tavern for a beer on the way home. He would have only one beer because Mom, my sister and I would wait in the car. My mother is not known for her patience, so a longer stop was out of the question. There used to be an A&W Root Beer stand next to the tavern. There is now a school house located there. I can remember that often while my dad was having his beer, we would be parked at the A&W drinking root beer and eating hot dogs. Maybe it is a false memory, but I think they used to have a deal on hot dogs of 8 for $1. I was small then and it was probably in the late 50’s, so I am not really sure that was the price, but it sounds right to me.

When I was older and attending college at IU, we could not have a car on campus until our Junior year, so my dad would drive down to pick me up for breaks if I couldn’t find a ride on my own, or is it was the end of the school year. On the trip to Rolling Prairie he would always stop at the Tick Tock Tavern on the north side of town. On the south side of the building they had a sign that said “Last Chance for a Cold Beer.” On the North side the sign read, “First Chance for a Cold Beer.” That building no longer exists. Again, he would stop for one beer while I waited in the car. I would play my transistor radio and read while I waited. In those days you had to have the engine running to play the car radio, so rather than burn gas, I played the transistor radio. This was the mid 60’s and transistor radios were the big little thing.

Someday I’ll write about my first transistor radio.