Day 56


¬†I was putting gas in the car this morning when I glanced over and saw this peaceful vista. Tate & Lyle is just out of the picture, or you would also see gunk pouring into the air. I thought about photoshopping some deer into the picture, but a) I’m not tech savvy enough to do a good job of it, and b) the picture is fine the way it is. The colors and the brightness of the air make me feel good. Since I took the picture this morning the clouds have increased and the vividness of the colors has been dimmed. I’m glad I’m an early riser. Also, traffic has picked up as people are doing their pre-church running.

Cindy is taking Maely and Emma to church this morning. I’m glad because when the girls¬†compete, and they often compete, Emma starts whining. I don’t handle whining, by children or adults, well. Then there is the point that I feel like I always have to be the bad cop while Cindy can say, “There, there. Pa doesn’t always see everything.” Talk about enabling. No, wait, Cindy is the one who is always talking about adults enabling other adults. How did I get that wrong?

I need to change the subject before I ruin my day. I am allowed to do that. I could talk about IU’s loss to Kentucky on Friday night, but I’m over it. I was happy that IU got as far as they did this year. I would have been happy with only one win in the tournament. I’ll miss watching the seniors who are leaving the team, and I look forward to seeing the new recruits. Hey, there are only eight months until the new season starts. I can wait that long, but the last couple months will be agony. I guess it is time to start watching baseball. I haven’t watched a baseball game in quite a long time, so that will be new.

OK. I’m not upset over the girls anymore. Time to start on a project.