Day 54

Yet another first blossom this spring. Not as pretty as the others.

The warm weather and gentle rain brought out the leaves on most of the trees, and many dandelions in many yards. While I’m not fond of dandelions (it’s probably a cultural thing); they do have a pretty bright yellow blossom.

I slept late this morning. While I occasionally enjoy sleeping in, part of me feels like I’ve wasted the best part of the day if I don’t get up at or before daybreak. It is easier to stay in bed when it is overcast and you can’t watch the sunrise, but if the sky is clear I want to watch the sun come up. As warm as it has been, I suppose I should start waterproofing the deck for the year and start preparing to open the pool. I’m surprised the grandkids haven’t asked to use the pool already. Those queries usually start a few weeks before I start buying the chemicals. And can the first grass cutting of the year be far off? I’ve already seen some people out with their mowers. Silly people.

My other foray into the past happened the other day when I came across a DVD set of Robin Of Sherwood at the library. This set has the first thirteen episodes starring Michael Praed. I first saw many of the episodes on Showtime when I lived in Auburn. I thought it was a great but different take on the Robin Hood legend. Judi Trott as Marian was wonderful casting. She captured Marian as a strong woman, yet brought a look of innocence to her as well. The fact that she was quite the looker didn’t hurt. 

This afternoon I believe I will start transferring some of my old VHS tapes to DVD. I’ll be starting with some of the Austin City Limits shows. After that I’m not sure. I have quite a bit to choose from.