Day 53

It only takes a just little bit of green to turn the bleak into something hopeful.

Wow. I started watching video tapes of musical shows I had taped back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I spent so much time doing watching that I forgot to write today’s blog. Those were tapes I hadn’t seen in many years. I’m going to convert many of them to DVDs. 

The first tape was with host David Holt and special guest Duane Eddy on American Music Shop. That was a show that was on The Nashville network (TNN). TNN doesn’t exist under that name anymore; it is now Spike TV. When it was TNN it was all about country music, and there were a number of music shows that were very good. American Music Shop had a house band led by Mark O’Connor and included Jerry Douglas. I had first heard David Holt on an album of string band music; the name of the album escapes me, but I know it was on the June Appal label. I’m sure I’ll come across it again one of these months. More recently he was on a podcast with Doc Watson that I downloaded from the NPR website.

The next show that I watched on tape today was Jerry Jeff Walker hosting The Texas Connection with guests Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. This show was also on TNN, and like the first tape, the show was recorded in the early 90’s. A large part of this particular show had the three artists sitting together singing their songs and playing acoustic guitars together. It seems to me that Jerry Jeff had the best singing voice, Willie played guitar best, and then there was Kris. He was having trouble singing the right notes on his own songs. He got better as the show progressed, but his start was really rocky.

I watched quite a few other shows on tape today, including some Austin City Limits and Lonesome Pine Specials. I didn’t accomplish anything today, but I certainly enjoyed my stroll down memory lane.