Day 52

The birthday girl

I have just returned from the surprise open house that Cindy’s staff had to celebrate her birthday. It seemed to come off without a hitch. Even the video I did turned out pretty good, though not everything was included.

Trina would not have had a birthday greeting included if I hadn’t asked her about it over the weekend. She did not get my email request because she had changed her email address and I did not know it. When I did get her contribution the audio was terrible, so I ripped the audio from the video, opened it in Audacity and determined that the left channel but not the right was fine. So I saved the left channel of the audio in .wav format. Then I  converted the video portion from .mov to .wmv and eliminated the audio. In Windows Movie Maker I pulled in the video portion (.wmv) and added the audio (.wav). It turned out fine.

Lee told me on the telephone that he never got my email. However, when he sent me a birthday greeting file he attached it to my original email. The problem with his video was that I couldn’t open it, so I couldn’t use it.

Lisa took videos with her cell phone of Cindy’s staff for me. For some reason she was not able to send them as email or text attachments. She was able to burn the videos onto a disc and give that to me. It was easy to copy the files from her disc to our hard drive so that I could work with them. All but two of the videos were oriented vertically rather than horizontally, so it appeared as if most of the staff was laying down. I tried to change the video orientation, but the closest I came was none too good. Flipping the video ninety degrees changed the aspect ratio, and each person looked at least twice as wide as they truly are. Also, the audio was lost in the transition, and true motion was lost; the motion was herky-jerky. Not good. Sp, I added the sideways videos with a slide that said the staff chose to do their greetings that way.

Still, the open house was a success. Thanks, Lisa! Mary too, and any other staff that helped with the planning and coordination. You are good people! Oh, and thanks to Cindy’s Uncle Mort and Aunt Esther for supplying the only video I could use without having to tease out a usable product.