Day 51

Beyond my means #2

I admit that this is not the best photo I’ve taken. In fact, it really isn’t a photo. I accidentally had the camera set on video. When I got home and realized my mistake I made a screen capture of the video and converted it to a .jpg file. Then I ran it through software to clarify the image. While clarifying, I lost some of the color, but since I was shooting into the sun, I don’t think it turned out too bad…well, yeah it did. There. Truth in blogging.

I love to sleep with the windows open. I also love waking up in the pre-dawn and hearing the birds. I don’t recognize specific types of birds, except turtle doves, but that doesn’t stop me from listening and enjoying.

Sometimes, if I wake up early enough, I can also hear the train whistles. I don’t seem to notice them after sunrise. After sunrise it is the trash collectors emptying the dumpsters at the apartment complex behind our house. But train whistles are enjoyable to me. Cindy doesn’t like hearing them, they disturb her sleep. If I hear them I’m wide awake anyway.

Both the sounds of birds and train whistles remind me of my childhood. Until I was in second grade we lived in the village of Rolling Prairie. My parents rented a house there. I can  remember hearing turtle doves on summer mornings and thinking how pleasant that soft sound was. The house was located about three blocks from the train depot and a train crossing. Not many trains stopped in Rolling Prairie, but every train that went through blew its whistle as it approached the crossing. For some reason I found that reassuring. When we moved out of Rolling Prairie, we lived in a house my parents built. It was located about two miles from the nearest railroad crossing, and at night in the country you could hear the train whistles as they approached the crossing. Again, it was a soothing sound to me. Early morning hours are the best time to hear these sounds, because traffic is light and doesn’t drown out the sounds.