Day 49

Cloudy morning

This farmhouse is just isolated enough to suit me. If you left click on the photo you should be able to get an enlarged view, and note that the porch light is on. Is someone expected?


I took a break from writing to eat some breakfast and do a couple of things in our bedroom, and forgot to come back to the blog. Either I’m getting too old and forgetful (Nahh!) or I don’t have anything to write about (no) or writing isn’t as interesting today (yeah). Still, I have my goal, and I shall meet it before the end of the day. So I have about seven hours that I can use to work on the writing.

Let me write about a pet peeve that I have with the paper newspaper, specifically the comics page. When I was growing up, (I can now hear the moans from anybody under the age of 35 who may be reading this) the comics pages had both “gag-a-day” strips like Peanuts and continuity strips like Steve Canyon. There are very few continuity strips anymore, and I miss them. You could follow the continuity strips for months before a story arc wrapped up. It was like watching a movie serial (I can hear the people under the age of 45 saying, “What is a movie serial?”).

One of the best, and longest running continuity strips is Prince Valiant. It has been running in Sunday newspapers continuously since 1937. I hope you are lucky enough to live somewhere that still has a newspaper that carries the strip. We are not so lucky in Lafayette, IN. I mentioned Steve Canyon earlier. It was a daily and Sunday strip that ran from January of 1947 to June of 1988, when the creator, Milton Caniff died. It was one of my favorite strips. I used to read the Sunday pages in The South Bend Tribune. My dad always bought that Sunday paper because the LaPorte Herald-Argus did not have a Sunday paper. While the LaPorte paper had continuity strips, Alley Oop comes to mind, it did not carry the Steve Canyon dailies.

Why are their fewer continuity strips? I need to give that some thought.