Day 48

I couldn't find a green barn, so...

I love this barn! I’ve considered taking a picture of it a number of times, but I’m glad I waited until the grass was green and the sun was shining. I’m sure I’ll go back when the trees have leafed out, and again when the leaves are ready to drop. 

While out driving this morning I had the windows cranked (well, motored) down and The Clancy Brother & Tommy Makem’s The First Hurrah! album playing on the cd player. Me, a geezer with an anglicized German name, wearing a green T-shirt, pretending he is a least partially Irish. I think maybe there is some Irish on my mother’s side of the family, mixed in with the French and English. 

The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem was the first Irish group I listened to back in the 60’s. Later I picked up on The Dubliners, and later still The Chieftains. More recently I’ve started listening to Solas and Tim O’Brien’s Crossing album. 

In between I’ve listened to and bought music from other Irish groups and started listening to groups from Scotland. Somewhere along the line a friend loaned me an album by Silly Wizard. The bad news was that by the time I heard them, they had disbanded. Hmmm…disbanded seems an appropriate word for a band that broke up. 

The disappointing part of my love of music Gallic is that Cindy doesn’t share my love. She has been heard (by me) to say, “You’re playing that Irish crap again.” She can be critical. I see and hear the thread of musical history that stretches from Ireland, Scotland, and England to the Appalachian area of the U.S. Bluegrass owes so much to that musical tradition, as does the folk music tradition of this country. The older I get, the harder it becomes for me to say definitively where one branch ends and another begins. That’s as it should be.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Getting back to the Clancy Brothers,