Day 47

Our first daffodil of the year

I don’t have a specific topic to write about today, so if you want something that will logically lead you from start to finish, you might as well sign out now. Part of me wants to forget about writing today, and to work on organizing the office. Part of me wants to go outside and start on one of the three or four projects that need to be done (though I will admit that it just a small part of me that wants to do that).

The biggest part of me, though, tells me that I need to write at least three hundred words today so that I won’t feel guilty later on. Heck, what are three hundred words? I’ve already written more than a third of them, and I haven’t said anything worth reading. Also, note that I cleverly spelled out the number each time, counting as two words apiece as opposed to one word if I use numerals. If I feel like I’m running short of words I can go back and spell out the contractions I use.

Changing the subject drastically, Anthony Head. Yes, the English actor who played Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well as Uther Pendragon in Merlin. You might also remember that he was in a series of commercials for Taster’s Choice instant coffee. (An aside: I don’t like instant coffee, and when we were in England that was the only kind of coffee we could get. Tea snobs. Go figure.) Anyway, once I became aware of him, I seem to find him in a lot of roles I had forgotten, or that I have recently come across. For instance, I was watching an old episode of Highlander and there he was. I also remember seeing him in episodes of NYPD Blue and New Tricks. I understand he has parts in Iron Lady and the new Ghost Rider movie, though I haven’t seen either of the movies yet.

Well, I’ve made my goal with words to spare, and no contractions expanded. Have a nice day.