Day 46

Taken from the West Lafayette side of the pedestrian bridge over the Wabash River

What a beautiful morning! As much as I like winter, even the mild one we have been enjoying, spring is in the air and I’m ready. Today is as good as yesterday was bad. Does that sentence make sense to anyone other than me?

If you read this blog ona regular, or semi-regular basis, you know that music is an important part of my life. There are some songs that trigger specific memories about people, places, events, or any combination of those things. I was thinking about that yesterday, before the day started to go downhill. One set of songs, an album, is unique to me. The David Bromberg Band released a double vinyl album How Late’ll Ya Play ‘Til?. One of the two records was a studio album and the other was recorded live. I have two separate memories concerning the live record, and they are unique because one memory is of an event that happened, and the other memory is of an event that did not happen. I know it did not happen, but it seems real when I think of it. Bizarre, right?

The false memory is only false in the fact that I didn’t own the album, and had never heard the album, when the event took place. The event took place one summer when I was on vacation. I was single, so I was traveling alone. I had been driving through Canada, around the Great Lakes, and dropped down into Minnesota on my way home. I stopped for the night in St. Paul. I didn’t want to go to a restaurant that night, a pizza sounded good. I checked the yellow pages in the motel room I had rented for the night. There was a pizza place nearby, but they didn’t deliver. No problem, I could go pick one up. I drove to the place, and it turned out to be located in an old Victorian house. I went in, ordered my pizza, and took it back to the motel. Now, when I think of that event, in my mind I hear the Bromberg album, but it wasn’t playing in the pizza place. My real memory knows that playing in the background was Mantovani, or something equally insipid. Why I link Bromberg to that place, other than the fact that they should have been playing Bromberg, is beyond me.

The real event that is linked to the album took place when I was living in Auburn. Due to some strange coincidences that I may write about some other time, a young woman whom I was wooing had taken in a stranger as a roommate. The stranger turned out to be a former girlfriend of mine. Well, one summer evening they decided to drop in to see me. We were sitting in my living room, enjoying cold beers. they would have preferred tequila, but I had none in the apartment. They asked me to put on some music, something loud and with a fast beat. What they had in mind was something similar to Hank Williams Jr., but I had nothing like that, so I opted for The David Bromberg Band. The first cut was Sloppy Drunk. They were not impressed. It’s probably best that the wooing did not work out. Still, that evening pops into my mind when I play that album.

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