Day 44

Our first flowers this spring.

I know the flowers mean the onset of yard work, and the weather is right for it, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it. But then, I’m not sure I’m ever ready for yard work. 

I’ve spent the past few days trying to either get the TV in the family room repaired or replaced. It turns out that the repair could cost as much as a new TV, so I broke down and purchased one this afternoon. It is now set up and waiting for my child bride to come home from work. Since it is Tuesday, it will be a late arrival for her. I wish, for her sake, that she would look for a job that would allow her to work normal hours…but not until I’m eligible for Medicare. Just a few months to go. 

A couple of decades ago I would have been eager for the start of the baseball season. I’m not sure when I lost interest in the game. Perhaps I should start watching again. It would be like starting over as a fan. I would have to learn a whole new generation of players, and most of the managers and coaches. It’s worth considering, but not until IU finishes their season in the NCAA tournament. First game, Thursday night against New Mexico State (I think). I’ll be watching. 

There is still a lot of work to do in our home office, furniture to move, supplies to put away, at least one file cabinet to purchase, and I’m not in the mood to do it. I feel like I’ve either been confined to working in the office or trying to get the TV situation resolved. Neither is complete, but I want to slack off for a while. I shouldn’t because tomorrow I have an appointment with the podiatrist, and then I have to run my mother-in-law to her cardiologist, and then home again home again jiggety jig. After that…we’ll see.