Day 43

Finished, with only a few parts left over.

It’s normal to have parts left over, right? Sure it is. The dimensions of this desk are different from the older one, the one now in pieces waiting for the trash. I’ll need to do some rearranging, moving bookcases and file cabinets and such. 

Now I need to start loading junk on top of the desk, which will drive Cindy crazy, but I lost a lot of storage space when we tossed the old desk. Still, I was ready for this change. I cursed a minimal number of times considering the frustration of trying to work with small Phillips head screws and fingers that have lost some of their feeling. That, and the fact that every time I had to lie on the floor to work on something on the bottom of the desk I would start to feel nauseated. I don’t know why that happened, but I remember I had the same problem when I put the last desk together. If our office was on the ground floor I would buy a desk from a furniture store and have it delivered.

Darn, I just realized that I don’t have room for my USB turntable. I can always set it up when I want to use it, but where do I store it when I’m not using it? Sometimes I feel like I’m just shuffling things around until I find a solution that kind of works. Hmmm. I wonder if my two drawer file cabinet will fit under the desk? I’ll have to see.

Just a word or two about today’s music. I started the morning listening toSinatra At The Sands.It is one of my favorite Sinatra albums, and I own a lot of Sinatra albums. I started listening to him when I was in high school. Right now I’m listening to Beethoven’s 3rd symphony. Again, it is one of my favorites. I explore new groups and sounds, but I also stay with what I love.