Day 41

Columbian Park before the urchins arrive.

9 a.m. and not a kid in sight. If I had lived in that neighborhood when I was a child, there is no way I would be inside watching cartoons on a beautiful day like today is.  I might be wrong. They may not be watching cartoons. They may be preparing breakfast for their parents. I should give them the benefit of the doubt. 

I didn’t grow up in a town that had a park. Rolling Prairie was much too small for that. Our yards were our playgrounds for the most part. Of course we could also walk to the school to play on the swings, teeter-totters, jungle jim, shoot hoops, or play baseball. Mainly, though, we played in each other’s yards. We played tag, hide-and-seek, and cowboys & indians. We probably played other things, but that’s what I remember most. The town was small enough that we didn’t have a caste system, or if we did, I was oblivious to it. There might be kids you didn’t like, but you still played with them. Don’t you wish our politicians were like that?


I took a break from writing to go to breakfast with Cindy, and then off to Staples to pick up some things for her office. I shouldn’t have gone, because I bought a new computer desk for us (well, for me). I can say it is for us because it has a slide-out keyboard holder. I don’t like them because I’m always banging my knees on them and knocking them off the track. But Cindy loves them, so the desk is for us. My challenge, apart from hauling it upstairs, is to disassemble the current desk, assemble the new desk, and be back online in time to do tomorrow’s blog. I fear I may not make it, because I’m not the handiest person when it comes to this sort of task. If I don’t post tomorrow, you will know why. I shall take a photo tomorrow, and post it when I can. Also, if I’m not back online tomorrow I’ll write something in longhand and post it with the photo when I can. 

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