Day 40

Dedicated to paving over the world.

I don’t really get upset over concrete or asphalt operations, there is a place for them in our society. I just worry about all of the farm land that is taken out of production each year so that more new homes, strip malls, an highways can be built. And how many Super Wal-Marts do we need?

I was ready to rant on because as of last night, before I went to bed, it didn’t appear that today’s IU game would be televised. Now I know that ESPN is carrying the game. I’m happy. No rant. I just hope they can beat Wisconsin. I’ll break now to watch the game.


Well darn, Wisconsin won. But the season isn’t over for IU yet. They should get a bid to the NCAA tournament. I wonder who they will play.


This is one of those days when I don’t have anything current to write about, I guess that means it is time to delve into my memories. I’m listening to Cal Tjader right now, so how about telling you about how I started listening to his music? Of course I heard Soul Sauce on the radio when I was in high school, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. Move forward a year or two ad I was a student at IU, living in the dorm with people from places other than small farming communities.

One of the fellows there was a guy named John. I don’t remember his last name, but I do remember he was from Hammond, IN. His great desire in life was to be a professional bowler, and he was left-handed. There are only three other things I remember about John: 1) he had a physical problem that I won’t go into; 2) he cheated on his bowling score; and 3) he had a great collection of jazz albums that he let me borrow. One of those albums was Soul Sauce by Cal Tjader. I listened to the album once and fell in love with the Latin flavor. I was still new to jazz and, at the time, unfamiliar with the people accompanying him on the album. Some of those I became more familiar with over the years were Donald Byrd, Jimmy Heath, Kenny Burrell, Alberto Valdes and Grady Tate. It was great music.

I think I’ll listen to some more Tjader.