Day 39

How I'm spending my afternoon.

IU vs Penn State. This is as great way to spend a weekday afternoon…unless IU loses.


Well, the good news is that IU won. The bad news is that Verdell Jones III was injured in the game and may not play again. I hope it isn’t as bad as that. As a senior who stayed with the team through three losing seasons, he deserves to play in the NCAA tournament. I hope he can.


 Last night I picked up a paperback book that I bought when I was in college, “Letters From The Earth” by Mark Twain. I spent the princely sum of seventy-five cents for it, new, at the college bookstore. It is a shame that most of the paperback books published back then did not give credit to the cover artist. I don’t where the portrait of Twain came from, but it is very well rendered. A quick Google of images did not find the complete portrait, but I may do a more thorough search later. I said I did not find the complete portrait, but I did find the head cropped and put on a refrigerator magnet that was for sale.

Two of my favorite selections in the book are Letter To The Earth and Cooper’s Prose Style. Letter To The Earth is a letter from the office of the Recording Angel to a New York Coal Dealer.  The subject concerns the prayers of the coal dealer and the way they are dealt with in heaven. This is great farce.

I believe the Cooper piece is actually the second half of a longer work. I have the first half, Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses,” in a college text, but I’m not sure where that book is. I would like to find it and read the two sections consecutively. Each section is funny, but I’m sure that together it would be hilarious.