Day 38

Stream in the morning

I went for a ride this morning after going to my mother-in-law’s apartment and watching her be loaded into an ambulance. I came across this stream running under a one lane bridge. I also took a photo off the other side of the bridge, but it wasn’t a s pretty. It looked polluted, even poisonous, on the other side, so I decided to use this photo today. I’ll probably put the other picture on Facebook. 

Getting back to my mother-in-law story from this morning, I got a text message from Trina telling me that her grandmother, Flo, had fallen and couldn’t get up. She asked me to drive over and see if I could lift her. I said sure and started getting dressed. It then occurred to me that I didn’t have a key to Flo’s apartment, so I called Trina and let her know that if the door was locked I wouldn’t be able to help. Trina said she would call Flo and check. She texted back that the door was locked and she had asked Flo to crawl to the door and unlock it. Flo couldn’t do that. Trina said she would drive up and help her grandmother. I said I would come over, but Trina said she could handle it. 

About twenty minutes later Trina called and said she couldn’t lift Flo and could I please drive over to help. I told her I would finish dressing and drive over. As I pulled into the apartment complex my phone started to ring, but I couldn’t get it out of my pocket in time to answer. Meanwhile, there was a school bus in the drive with the flashers on and the STOP sign displayed. I couldn’t pass the bus. While waiting for the bus to move I got a text from Trina saying that she found help and Flo was now in a chair. I decided to go on to the apartment. 

Two young men who were working around the complex had helped Trina with Flo. Flo looked badly bloated and had bruises on her knees. Trina called for an ambulance to take Flo to the hospital to be checked. I told Flo she would need to start doing exercises to strengthen her upper body so she could pull herself up into a chair. She told me her arms were strong, but her feet were numb. I’m not sure how numb feet keep her from pulling herself up, but that’s her story.