Day 35

The daffodils feel spring coming on.

My sister in St. Johns tells me that the daffodils haven’t appeared yet, but that they are blooming in Santa Claus. I feel like Mama Bear because my daffodils must be “just right.” Watch this space for when they bloom.

I have pretty much given up on a winter storm this year, so I may as well look forward to spring. It won’t be long before I add waterproofing to the deck, and start buying the chemicals needed to open the pool. There are things that need repair outside as well, like the gate to the back yard and the paint peeling off the siding on the second floor. I can hardly wait to get started on those projects. Does anyone really believe me?

While sitting at the keyboard I’m listening to Ian Tyson’s Cowboyography album. That was the first album of his I bought after Ian & Sylvia broke up. I had liked almost everything that Ian & Sylvia had recorded, but I wasn’t sure I wanted an album of just cowboy songs. Now I’m glad I took a chance on this album. I bought it in vinyl,but have converted it to MP3. Of course I’ve also bought cd’s and have downloaded other songs by him. Listening to this music is different from listening to Ian & Sylvia. With them I feel nostalgia as much as just enjoying their musicality. While it has been a long time since I started listening to Ian alone, it seems much newer to me because I was at a different point in my life when I started listening.

 Well, it’s time to finish writing, the IU/Purdue men’s basketball game will be starting in about fifteen minutes. I need to get settled down for it. Go IU!