Day 34

Waiting for spring

Some days the best photos are found outside your door…or in the neighbor’s yard. Since I took this photo it has started to snow. I doubt if there will be much accumulation, probably just a dusting. That is today’s weather conversation.

Last night we had dinner at the American Legion. We aren’t members, and never will be. Once or twice a year I get mailings from them offering me membership. It isn’t going to happen. I remember the political stands they were taking when I was younger. They were a bit too far to the right for my taste. I was not then, nor am I now, willing to give them money to spend on lobbying.

The¬†food was good but the atmosphere is not my cup of tea. I am not fond of places where people are more interested in drinking than eating. The more they drink the louder they get. I never liked that type of place when I was drinking, and it isn’t any better now. And then there was the band. What can I say? My guess is that they were playing for drinks, because I can’t believe anyone would pay money to listen to them. Perhaps they were paying The Legion to play there. I was able to ignore them for the most part until they played Walls Of Time, one of my favorite bluegrass tunes. At least that is what I think they were playing. I couldn’t understand any of the lyrics, and the tempo of the melody was rendered somewhere between a Foxtrot and a march. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the band so I can warn you away from them.

If I’ve been sounding grumpy in this blog over the past few days, I’m sorry. I need to start thinking of more upbeat topics to write about. Let me give that some thought.