Day 33

One of Lafayette’s phallic symbols water towers

This is another of my backup ideas for a  photo. By the time I got out of my doctor’s appointment this morning it was already starting to rain and I just wanted to go home. Luckily I knew that one day I would be taking a photo like this, and since I could see the tower from the parking lot of the doctor’s office, “snap” it was done. Now I need to start looking again, because I only have two more specific photo ideas on my list. Tomorrow is another day and I’m sure I’ll come across something that I want to display.

Speaking of my visit to the doctor, things are fine. My blood work came back with excellent results; I’ve dropped 18 lbs in the past nine months overall (I actually dropped more but have put a few back on); and the doctor said I could cut back on the medication by half, and that should help control the side effects. The visit was so positive I (silently) forgave him for running a half hour late. I’m going to start taking my Kindle with me when I go there because they don’t stock the waiting area with woefully out of date magazines…or any reading material.

I was listening to a mixed cd on my drive to and from the doctor’s office this morning. On the cd was a song, Summertime, by Big Brother & The Holding Company, featuring Janis Joplin. It was from their Cheap Thrills album. I first heard the album when I was in college, before I went into the army. I loved the album…well, I still love it. For me, the years 1967 through 1973 had more wonderful music released than any other equal period of time. I’m not including disco, of course. The rise of disco killed off a lot of good bands before they found their market. The rise of disco was a sad day for the fans of real music.