Day 31

I saw this building while driving around this morning.

I was driving around aimlessly after getting some blood work done this morning. I could lead you to this building but I couldn’t give you directions. But then, I doubt if you would want to go to this building. Still, the awning over the side door, the balcony across the front, and the flaking white-painted brick appeal to me. That, and the blue mattress propped against the wall, set it apart from other box-like brick buildings.

Today, while writing, I’m listening to Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water album. It just occurred to me that both of the copies of their album I purchased were bought outside the US. I bought my vinyl copy when I was in the army, stationed in Heidelberg, Germany. Then I bought the cd version when Cindy and I were in Manchester, England. She was there because she was presenting at a conference. I was there for fun. That was in 2003. We will have to get our passports renewed next year. That’s probably good because I look very little like I did 10 years ago. More of my hair is white while I have less hair; I no longer have a beard; I have also lost a bit of weight.

Getting back to the music, this is one of my favorite Simon & Garfunkel albums. I don’t believe they released a bad album in the years they were together, but each one seemed better than the one before. I recall hearing Paul Simon say that he would watch Art Garfunkel get standing ovations when he sang Bridge Over Troubled Water, and wonder why no one shouted “Author, author.” It struck me then as being petty, and it still does. His ego must have been very fragile. Armed Forces radio used to broadcast the Buddy Rich Big Band cover of Keep The Customer Satisfied regularly, and I was surprised when I got back to the states that practically no one had heard that version. That’s a shame because it is an excellent version. 

I’m not writing anymore about my visit to AT&T yesterday. I calmed down and want to stay that way.