Day 30

Uncomfortable sculpture

I love the beauty of this sculpture, but I thinks it looks very uncomfortable. I must admit that I haven’t tried sitting on it yet, mainly because it looks like there are so many ways you could snag your clothes. If clothes are snaggable, I’m the guy that will snag them.

I really don’t like to complain about things, because it means I am not satisfied with something in my life. I want to be satisfied…and content. However, I just have to get some things about AT&T off of my chest. Up until a few weeks ago I have had no real complaint with AT&T and their service, but now I am dissatisfied. Under our plan I get 1 gb of data. Last month I was notified that I had reached 65% of that 1 gb and would be charged $10 if I went over that amount. I cut back on my usage and kept it below the max. This month I used the phone less than I had in January, but was again notified a two days ago that I had reached 65% of the one gb. I cut back, but was notified six hours later that I had reached gone over the 1 gb. I stopped using the phone for everything but calls, texts and emails. I stopped using it for Twitter and Facebook. Since then I have been notified many more times that I had exceeded the max. This morning I received 5 texts between 7:08 a.m. and 7:47 a.m. that I had exceeded 100% of the plan. In that time I had used the phone to respond to 1 email and update the weather once. I went to the AT&T store where we had purchased the phone to ask them to look into that matter and the fact that I had to charge the battery at least twice a day, even when I seldom had it on.

The lady, the same one who had sold us the phone, told me that as the phone got older the battery stayed charged for shorter periods of time. She said that her husband had the same make of phone and had to charge his every 6 to 8 hours. She recommended we buy a backup battery. I don’t know if she thought I was going to swap out battery every time it needed charging, but I’m not. I showed her the texts I was getting and she seemed surprised that I went from 65% to over 100% in such a short time, but tried to explain it by saying some activitymight not show up for a day or two. She looked up the account on her computer and said that I had used, so far, over 7 gb. of data. That would mean I had used 6 gb. since Sunday. I told her that was absurd, that I had barely used the phone since Sunday.

She said that I should have downloaded an update to the software, and maybe that was part of the problem…right…and proceded to down;load the update for me. When the download reached 97% she got a message on the phone saying that the battery was too low to continue. I should take the phone home, charge the battery completely, and download the update. Before I got home I received another message saying I had gone over the 100% again…I guess from the download that didn’t finish.

That’s all I writing today. I may finish this rant tomorrow, if I don’t cool off before then.

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