Day 29


Add to my likes of graveyards, old barns and silos, the occasional abandoned building. I always wonder why there was not a new use for the building after being left by the owner. It seems like a waste.

OK, so it is another beautiful, almost spring day. I’ve taken care of a couple of things, and yet I’m in a bad mood. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I’m doing my best to not snarl. Luckily for Cindy. She took the day off, but as in most of her days off she relaxes by cleaning house until she collapses. That’s not the way I relax, in case you’re wondering. I prefer spending my days working on my various hobbies. Later today I plan on cataloguing comic books. I still have a handful of Micronauts from the early ’80s to finish up. It wasn’t the best comic I ever collected, but it did have some of the finest art work. Michael Golden was the original artist and the Pat Broderick took over. There was no reason to complain about the change in artist, unlike some other changes that Marvel has made over the years.
I had to take a break from writing, but now I’m back. While I finish today’s writing I’m listening to Harry Belafonte’s At Carnegie Hall album. Some music never gets stale. I remember first hearing a Belafonte calypso record when I was in fourth grade. My teacher, Mrs. Harris, would bring records in to play during recess on days when bad weather made it impossible to go outdoors. I don’t remember any of the other records she played, but the memories of Belafonte singing calypso has stayed with me.
I feel I was lucky to have a teacher who played Belafonte, and even luckier to have a music teacher, Mrs. Russell, who had us sing folk songs. Those days laid the groundwork for my lifelong love of folk music. I’m sure I’ll write more about that at a later date.