Day 24

Morning through the bedroom window.

Yes, I was laying in bed when I took this photo. I used the cell phone camera because my Nikon kept using a flash that put a flare on the window. I really must dig out the owner’s manual and become reaquainted with the camera for indoor use.

I finished doing our taxes this morning. I always feel uneasy when it appears we are getting a refund from the State because for so many years we had to pay. I feel even more uneasy this year because the refund is larger than I can recall ever getting from the State. What did I do wrong? How is this possible? I should probably just accept it with gratitude…but it feels wrong. Oh well, it will help pay for our vacation later this year, if we can hold on to it long enough.

I just checked Twitter to see if anything posted would give me inspiration for the rest of today’s blog. There was very little posted that wouldn’t get me started on another rant, and I don’t feel up to that today. There was a post by Tom Crean about tonight’s basketball game, but I know nothing about the team IU is playing, so I cannot comment intelligently.

The Big Ten tournament is less than two weeks away. Basketball season is going by much too quickly. I will be feeling let down when it ends. Maybe I should start watching baseball again. I haven’t paid attention to MLB for at least a decade. I doubt if I could name more than half a dozen active players. I know I couldn’t name a Dodger, the team I grew up rooting for, since Manny Ramirez left the team. I hear he’s been signed to a Triple A contract. How fall the mighty. 

Okay, I’ve run out of things to write about today. Maybe there will be more inspiration tomorrow.